Skatepark in Tirschenreuth, Germany. Design drawing for skatepark Rhoon, Netherlands. Skatepark in ‘s-Heerenberg, Netherlands. Skateplaza in Bielefeld, Germany. Climbing the big egg, exciting and challenging. Climbing and scrambling for all ages. Climbing wall in Dresden, Germany. Skatepark in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.
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Urban Sport

2MOVE is the project agency of Concrete® Sportanlagen in much of Europe. We have an international design team of experienced stars from the world of urban sports. We believe that a challenging skatepark can only be designed by and for all users. At 2MOVE therefore, we prefer to speak of providing facilities for ‘small wheel sports’. Skaters, in-liners and BMX bikers and kick scooter riders all enjoy benefiting from our knowledge, expertise... and our tracks. Collaborating with both municipalities and local users, our design team has already designed hundreds of skate tracks.

Together with our partner Concrete® we have worked hard in recent years to design bouldering and climbing elements for sports areas in public spaces. Climbing is a challenging sport which demands and develops good motor skills and coordination. Concrete is an ideally durable, sustainable and low-maintenance material for bouldering. It is suitable for a wide range of shapes and surfaces. We construct bouldering walls and blocks for all experience levels i.e. for starters as well as experienced climbers! See our product guide for more information.

Minigolf is increasingly becoming a fully-fledged sport. That’s why we have developed a new 18 hole course. Every hole is cast as a single piece of special heavy concrete and the sides are galvanised or stainless steel. This makes the course easier to install with no need for foundations. Needless to say, all our elements satisfy World Minigolf Federation (WMF) regulations.

Execution of your project
In the Netherlands we are both the project agency and the party that executes the projects. While we prefer to develop and construct skate tracks, skate parks, climbing and bouldering objects with our own team of 2MOVE specialists, we are of course willing to discuss alternative options. Would you like to outsource your entire project, from design to completion? We can offer you a one-stop solution and a smooth ride, ensuring that both your project and budget stay on track.