Relaxing after a busy day, quality time in the park. The livable city, as comfortable as at home. Seating Stones on Swallowsquare in Hilversum, Netherlands. Citybench constructed with fibreglass reinforced concrete, sustainable and maintenance friendly! Outdoor furniture made of fibreglass reinforced concrete, just relaxing and clearing your head. Cityseat made of fibreglass reinforced concrete, ergonomic and modern. Tree seat, sitting and enjoying free nature. Because our slogan is always: “Live your life indoors and outdoors!”.
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Urban Design

The world and society are rapidly changing, with urban areas and residents often paving the way. There is also increasing competition between different towns and cities. Urban redevelopment in inner cities and residential areas has therefore become extremely important. The design of today´s town centres, parks and residential areas is consequently being made more efficient, modern and attractive to of preserve and improve the quality of life.

Every town has redevelopment areas. Former industrial sites, for example, or residential areas in town centres. Or perhaps your town has new residential areas on the outskirts?

2MOVE has the expertise and materials to contribute significantly to the design of these public spaces. In collaboration with landscape architects, architects and designers we develop outdoor furniture and projects that are durable as well as low maintenance. And which meet today’s increasingly stringent requirements, of course. But always in keeping with our motto: ‘Life’s for living....and not just indoors!’ We’d like to help you make your town or city more ‘livable’.

Are you interested to know what we could do for your town or project? Please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help, because.... Everybody wants 2MOVE!